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FMP inspiration while running this evening.

FMP inspiration while running this evening.

Favourite song lyrics from this week

Favourite song lyrics from this week

Hand Lettering

Hand Lettering

Got my reading sorted for Easter break!

Got my reading sorted for Easter break!

FMP - 2nd April 2014 - Day 10

I started my visual storyboard this week. And I suddenly realised just HOW much work I am going to have to do, oh well. This storyboard will need cutting down.

I’ve been using the Lord of the Rings Sketchbook by Alan Lee to inspire me whilst producing character sheets, especially for my personification of death and the corpse that features heavily in the end. I also saw some wonderful illustrations of withered and gnarled trees that I have incorporated into my final draft.

I then started my final trial of the diorama and illustrative styles. I felt the washed Ink wasn’t as effective as I had hoped. It is something I’ll be looking at before I go on to the final illustrations. I will also be putting the originals through photoshop and will make use of ‘levels’ in order the counteract the washy feel. Before they are printed for the cutting and gluing.

My messy desk ….

I preferred the effect of the pure Indian Ink with white gouache on top as detail. I used this technique for the hands of the marionette.

Classic ER while i ink my new sketches

FMP -28th March 2014 - Day 5

It’s been such a crazy first week. I feel like I’ve started as I mean to go on, but I need to also maintain some sort of a social life, outside of college and part time work.

It’s my BF’s birthday tomorrow and I’ve also got Mothering Sunday spending time with my family, so today I worked on some general plot development, making sure I had key scenes and plot points ‘bulleted’ so I can start my Visual storyboard next Monday with no obstacles.

I’m very happy with the story I have produced so far, I suppose it depends now on the execution of the illustrations to see if it really is effective enough to narrate itself.

On to a long weekend and sunshine!

FMP - 27th March 2014 - Day 4 

I managed to complete annotating and compiling everything I’ve produced so far in my first sketchbook. I started researching quite early on, so I’ve had a lot of previous research to organise and merge in with my current stuff.

The first draft of the narrative storyboard is complete. I’m really happy with the basic plot so far. I need to work on some iterative, reoccurring elements so I can play with the visual repetition as well as literary.

I also researched horror elements such as the ‘Uncanny’ or ‘Unheimlich’ one of my favourite theories when I did my Literature Degree a few years ago.

Tomorrow I’m going to focus of visual storyboards and just jot down whatever imagery comes to mind. Sometimes I find it really difficult to keep just one idea in my head, I get so influenced and inspired by so much - I really wanted to watch the new Hobbit film tonight, but I’m going to hold off until I get my first visual ideas down in case I change my mind again!

Favourite Tools Spring 14


Pilot water resistant drawing pen, 02, 08 black
Papermate mechanical pencil
Staedtler rasoplast rubber

Winsor & Newton India Ink, 951 black

Dalon d77 0/3 synthetic brush
Pro Arte acrylix 0/3 synthetic brush
Winsor & Newton 101 gold sceptre sable brush

Daler - Rowney Gum Arabic
Winsor & Newton Designers Gouache, Ivory Black (CYMK), Permanent White

Edding 790 White Paint Marker
Edding 792 White Paint Marker

Getting me through my sketchbook work this morning!

Getting me through my sketchbook work this morning!

Hand lettering for ‘The Gravedigger’s Daughter’

Hand lettering for ‘The Gravedigger’s Daughter’

FMP - 26th March 2014 - Day 3

I had initially decided to work on the prose for the narrative of my short story ‘The Gravedigger’s Daughter’ however I really wanted to input something into my sketchbook as I’ve blank page syndrome for the last few days. Planned and wrote the introduction and started to add initial research and media trials. 

I was very pleased with the quality of work I did, however quantity will come soon. I hope. I produced a hand drawn letter type that I will use in the Zine and for the lettering in my sketchbook. 

In addition to this I worked on more media trials with ink and mark making including experimenting with monochrome values, inputting the textures and colouring digitially in Photoshop. 

I recopied the paper cutting I made onto acetate and tracing paper and compiled them on a light box, the resulting

images became almost like the beginning scenes of a stop motion animation, with the hazy layers not dissimilar to aerial perspective. This is something extra I would like to work back into.

Final Major Project 25th March 2014 - Day 2

Today I received my feedback for the pathway stage, I’m really happy with the assessment and I knew what I was missing in my submission and going forward I know what I need to do to maintain level 4 merit through to the FMP.

Throughout the next 9 weeks I’ll be working with the criteria close by in order to fulfil every unit.

Mostly today I worked on collation of materials and sources/references. VAROOM! AOI magazine, Struwwelpeter, Historic context of Cautionary tales and LeGunn Memory Palace. All I need to do is outline the annotations and collate it on Sunday in my sketchbook. I’m finding that planning the sketchbook like a dissertation/essay is helping. Making sure to follow basic principles, exposition was my big let down in the pathway stage so I’m aiming to be as explicit in my intentions as I can!

Final Major Project 24th March 2014 - Day 1

So today I finalised my pathways evaluations and submitted the unit for appraisal. Fingers crossed! Since writing my SOI two weeks ago it’s been difficult to focus on the pathway projects, so they were lacking towards the end, although I’m hoping my FMP will be better because of it.

The short story I’ve written ‘The Gravedigger’s Daughter’ is inspired by dark fairy tales by Angela Carter, the Brothers Grimm and more recently Emily Carroll.

I’m trialling some ideas in terms of presentation, as I don’t want them to be just illustrations I intend to give them a sense of depth and fantasy using diorama techniques.

This design was primarily influenced by a really interesting documentary by BBC Culture Show, on Viking Art. It featured a beautiful staved church in Norway, an image I couldn’t get out of my head, so I had to use it.

I also loved the way that the light created shadows and silhouettes when turned around and put against a light. This is something I might work into at a later stage.

I didn’t bring the right Ink into the studio, so I had to use Parker Quink that is for my fountain pen. Obviously it isn’t water resistant and the base colours of green and purple ran when diluted which I actually thought made an interesting effect, this aside, I will be using Winsor & Newton Black Indian Ink in 951 for the Final illustrations.  


In addition to this, I’ve also been trialling Mark Making and control with the Indian Ink, I’ve been using a really good quality 003 Dalon Synthetic brush which has very little bounce. When making dilutions of the Ink, I’ve found adding a drop of Gum Arabic is helping preserve the luminosity and pigment structure, I know it is mostly used for watercolours and gouache, but It seems OK so far!


I also tried making some monoprints from leaves and twigs I found in my local woods. They are quite basic, however I am hoping I can take inspiration from the way they present abstract forms of familiar shapes.



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